By Yuriy Yedidovich CRC Member

This article/catalog originally posted on in 2007

When I bought my first radio with this dial, I showed it to my son and told him that the dial reminded me of a face. My son said it was an angry face. Since then I have called this dial the angry face dial.
People collect radios because they perform well, or because they have an attractive, stylish cabinet, or because they have some unusual features, but I keep these radios in my collection for only one reason: the dial. Produced in 1937, these are absolutely fantastic and unique in its design. It is a colorful, 3D, and breathtaking dial. It is built in five layers. The first layer is the outer dial glass, the second layer’s glass with printed band scales and the oval labels “TONE”, VOLUME”, and ”BAND SELECTION”, the third layer is a thick black cardboard (usually faded color), the fourth layer is a blue plastic ring 3/8 inches high (almost invisible from outside; it designed to separate the 3rd and 4th layers and give a blue tint unto the background), and finally the fifth layer is a dial background image printed on a thick paper. Controls are integrated within the dial, which is not a common feature during that period of time.

Dial Types 


The background of the dials should be black (not brown). Usually the black color faded.
The 1st & 2nd round dials on the left in used with tombstone cabinet A.

The second dial on the left from export model. The 3rd dial  in used in cabinet B. The oval dial in used in cabinets C,D, E, & F.