CRC Annual Antique Radio Club Auction, August 15, 2021


Once again,
through the effort of club member Rich Kuberski, we are privileged to hold our annual auction in a park ­like setting.
In addition, we will also be continuing our tradition of combining the auction with a potluck BBQ.
The club will provide the burgers, hot­dogs, condiments, chips and soft drinks while the members bring side dishes to share with all.
Family members are encouraged to attend!!!


An auction of radios, televisions, documentation, parts, test equipment and associated items.
The public is encouraged to participate in both buying and selling.


Sunday, August 15th at 12:00 noon
Seller's Registration 9:15am­ 11:15am
Buyer's Registration 9:30am until end
Viewing As items are delivered

Auction Starts at 12:00 noon SHARP
BBQ Lunch Served 10:30am ­ 11:30am
Bring a side dish to share with everyone;
Slaw, Potato Salad, Fruit Salad, Desserts, Chips, Beans, Your favorite recipe, etc.

Tectonic Management Group Inc.
Office grounds and picnic facilities (see map)



  • There is no cost to register as a buyer or seller.
  • There is a sellers commission that will be equal to $1 or 10% (which ever is greater) of the "hammer" price on each lot sold to any buyer ­ including the sellers who may elect to "buy back" their lots. 
  • Minimum value of each lot to be $5.00
  • Sellers may optionally, at registration time only, set a secret minimum bid (reserve) on any lot.
  • No commission will be incurred on any lot that is not sold.
  • All seller commissions will be deducted from and before the payment to the seller, and these commissions will become the property of the C.R.C. treasury.
  • Buyers cannot take possession of any lot(s) until the total cost for all purchases are paid.
  • Collection of buyers fees will commence at the conclusion of the sale of the last lot entered into the auction.
  • A buyer's receipt is required for pickup of purchased lots from the lot/item display area.
  • Buyer fees will be collected before sellers are paid.
  • The C.R.C.only accepts CASH or CHECKS.
  • Identification may be requested from those paying for their purchases by personal check.
  • Sellers will be paid only by C.R.C. check and may for a $1.00 surcharge, elect to be paid by mail.
  • This auction is limited to radio and electronics related items as described above. The CRC reserves the right to reject items deemed inappropriate.
  • Any item registered for sale by auction may not be sold outside of the auctioneer's control, and can not be removed from the sale once the auction commences.
  • Seller number is ALSO your Buyer number. Please do not try to, or register again as a buyer.


Please preregister your items with Alexis.  Send information to him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Use the format listed in the Flash or download pre-registration form. 

No item will be accepted for registration after 11:15 on the day of the sale. 

If you are standing in line to register on the day of sale and the clock strikes 11:15, it's too late for this year's auction.



Tectonic Management Group, Inc., 6695 W 48th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033