The Flash  September/October, 2003

How is it that fifteen years seemed to have passed as if it were fifteen minutes? Well, I guess that’s just life. But hey, thanks to all those folks that have been taking pictures and chronicling the activities that the CRC members having been enjoying all these years, we can continue to relish and remember the highlights of passed events. Obviously room is limited but hopefully, with the pictures available, I’ve included a mix that includes as many CRC folks and activities as possible. Enjoy! laughing us/a pictorial history/1png

First issue of the Rocky Mountain Wireless Association Radio Log, March ‘78. This was the short lived club whose ex members formed the Colorado Radio Collectors Antique Radio Club in 1988.


Action at the 1995 CRC Sept. Auction


 Taking in the 1995 CRC Sept. Auction


Items on the block at the 1995 CRC Sept. Auction



Members admiring the entries at the 1996 CRC Show

Fred Sodamann - Leamon Brooks - Jerry Tynan - Riggs Smith



Another sale at the 1996 CRC Show

 Otis Chartier - Steve Axelson



CRC members enjoying dinner together, Elgin, 1996



Visitors view the 1996 CRC show at Lakewood’s Belmar


1996 CRC show at Lakewood’s Belmar, opening night live radio drama enactment with real old time radio stars


Sold! At the CRC 1996 Sept. auction


Lakewood’s Mayor opens the 1996 CRC Show at Belmar

Weide - Mayor - Crandall



Previewing items at the 1996 CRC Sept. Auction



CRC members with Marin Alsop, Colorado Symphony, 1997

Boyle - Alsop - Wooters


CRC wives at the Colorado Symphony, 1997


Judging entries at the 1997 April CRC show

Brooks-Gilbert Judging


Selling the good stuff at the 1997 April CRC show

Johnny Johnson Selling


Chowing down at the CRC 1997 picnic


You want fries with that? The CRC 1997 picnic

Kathy and Jerry Tynan


Counting the “beans” at the Sept. CRC 1997 auction

Larry Weide - Barney Wooters - Bob Stutzman


Another hot deal at the Sept. CRC 1997 auction


   Members and visitors at the 1998 April CRC show

   Wayne Gilbert - Tom Pouliot - Dave Boyle


   The seller’s tables at the 1998 April CRC show

   Johnny Johnson tables


Enjoying the 1998 July CRC picnic

Mark McKeown - Robert Baumann - Jerry Tynan - Julie McKeown


The big eaters at the 1998 July CRC picnic

Tom Kelley - Neil Galensky - Bruce Young - Barney Wooters


 Brisk sales at the 1999 CRC April show

 Dan Busetti Selling


A few gems and a young member at the 1999 April CRC show

David Kulback


Talking the talk at the 2000 April CRC show

 Barney Wooters - Tom Kelley - Merill Campbell


Father and son take audio to a new level, April ’02 CRC show

Dana Hauschulz and son


Enjoying the post show dinner, 2000 April CRC show


Greeting the folks at the 2001 April CRC show


A couple of “tasty” radios, 2001 April CRC show


Buying radios and dodging bullets at Lansing, 2001



Action at the 2001 Sept. CRC auction


 The clock radio king, Nov. 2001 CRC meeting, Tom Award


CRC expertise at the Wings Over the Rockies Air Museum



CRC meeting at the WOTR Air Museum, July 2002



A “nice” turn out for the CRC 2002 July picnic

If you look close you’ll see that the same people are in the picture multiple times. I photoshoped this picture. The issue was that hardly anyone showed up for the picnic. I wonder if anyone got the point.




Last minute instrutions at the CRC October. 2002 auction


Calling the action at the CRC auction, October, 2002


Hard at work at the January, 2003 CRC meeting

Laurence _ Baumann



Members at break time - May, 2003 CRC meeting


Compiling the judging results at the CRC April 2003 show


And finally, our VERY hard working Treasurer,
Robert Baumann brings one of his latest finds for
Show N Tell to the May CRC 2003 meeting. Hey
Robert, is that really a radio?



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